Monday, February 4, 2008

CNN Headlines Gone Wild!

I am amazed at the monumental dumbing down of content on news sites over the last two years, and CNN really has taken the ball and run with it. At this point seem completely commited to getting unique Web hits (and ad revenue) by replicating the appeal of Youtube-style videos, rather than providing any sort of actual relevant news service.

Here are actual headlines for recent stories that CNN feels confident enough to call "Latest News."

Try reading them aloud in your best Walter Cronkite/serious newscaster voice:

Sasquatch: Fact or fiction?
Wealthy dogs love spaghetti dinners
XL underwear smothers fire
Lucy Liu wants her work to matter
Survey: No astronaut ever seen drunk on launch day
Grunty baby polar bear learns to crawl
Dr. Phil bums out Star Wars fanatic's wife
Governor's son sells 'Don't Drop the Soap'
Nuns-and-nude ad upsets Catholics
Spacecraft falling! Get set to duck?
Big shark chomps bitty shark at aquarium
Hello Kitty statue unveiled
Priest says church needs more exorcists
Is your child a 'Weepublican' or a 'Demoquat?'
Exploding whale is viral vid 38 years later
'Honey, Mommy has cancer'

Isn't there a war on?

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