Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Greatest Waste of TV Airtime Award Goes To...

American Idol's Josiah Leming, the most self-absorbed, wrong-minded teen blunderkind to grace the airwaves this week!

Why the judges and producers decided to let this whining, infantile buffoon continue as far as he has is baffling. The greatest favor anyone could have done for this young man, and America, is to have doused him with icewater and instantly sent him packing with the word "talentless" superimposed over his whining, delusional face. This young man needs a dose of reality in the worst way. To imagine this mediocre, tacky, off-key stupe leaving his family to childishly live in his car and pursue his pie-eyed dreams of a career in music is sad. Add to that his off-key, vapid, Coldplay-imitating, fake-British-accent vocals, and we have a winner of a loser.

This photo, from his myspace page (so many homeless teens living in cars have myspace webpages these days), should inspire society to create a powerful space cannon in order to propel this kid into the farthest reaches of space, where his special brand of entitlement will not appear on network television and influence any other kids to try their hand at being an ass. His self-penned caption underneath the photo reads:

a little something for all the lovely ladies ( :

In conclusion , I'd like to say that you've also gotta love when an 18-year-old white kid refers to his synthesizer as "The Keys."

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Anonymous said...

Wow, first paragraph kind of harsh...but second paragraph is funny and conclusion is perfect...