Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eastern Condors

One of my favorite Hong Kong movies is Sammo Hung's men on a mission flick, Eastern Condors.

In promoting the movie, the cast showed up in costume to perform a live peking opera style show during a 1987 Hong Kong beauty pageant, and it's a marvel to see how physically talented performers like Yuen Wah (don't miss his incredible entrance at 1:23 in the 1st clip) are without wires or edits:

Here's the trailer for the film, check it out if you want to see a crazy good action movie:

The guys from Podcast on Fire have recorded their own entertaining and informative audio commentary for the film, check it out:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Caucasians Hoodies are in!

We've just introduced new Caucasians non-Native American team mascot hooded sweatshirts on!

To honor the occasion, check out this clip on the plight on Native American team mascots from The Daily Show: