Monday, February 18, 2008

Edison Chen's Spectacular Miscalculation!

The big news rocking Hong Kong for the past month has been the whopper of a blunder by HK popstar/moviestar Edison Chen, who took his cotton-candy pink, custom-made Apple laptop to get repaired – somehow forgetting that it held countless graphic photos of him having sex with most of the major starlets in the HK entertainment industry, including huge stars Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung, and Bobo Chan. Nearly 1,300 photos of major celebrities in various states of undress exploded across the Internet.

The bad news for Edison (besides already being cut from future movie projects and endorsement contracts) is that almost all of the ladies he is seen with in these racy photos are under contract to triad-controlled agencies (including the 16-year old niece of Albert Yeung, head of the Emperor Entertainment Group). Loss of their all-important chaste image in the HK entertainment industry means a major loss of revenue for some very tough people, and Edison's going to have a target on his head. He's currently hiding out in North America, probably living in fear for his life.

FYI: Edison Chen will be seen in a cameo in this summer's Batman movie, The Dark Knight, which is now officially a cursed production.

Check out Edison's incredible video statement:

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CNN video:

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