Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Damon Jones' Hairstyle

Cleveland Cavalier guard Damon Jones, who has proclaimed that he is "The Best Shooter in the World" and also gave himself the nickname "Handsome," grew tired of the fauxhawk hairstyle he's been seen in for the past few months, so he announced that his next hairstyle would be one voted on by fans at cavs.com.

Seeing a unique opportunity to use his "handsome" head as a canvas, I submitted photoshop designs of zany hairstyle ideas – and now the voting is over, and one of my designs was the winner:

The design is based on the three-finger "Three on a Platter" salute Damon gives whenever he makes a 3-point shot.
Now we all must wait with bated breath to see if Damon is good for his word and actually shows up on the court with one of the funniest hairstyles in the NBA.

Damon's Website
Cavs Nation

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