Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's a Crime! M.I.A. DVD of the Day: SOLDIER OF FORTUNE

Bud Spencer is an Italian actor whose on-screen persona often resembled Popeye's nemesis Bluto, and his signature fight move was a hammer-like blow on the top of the opponent's head – which sometimes caused victims to spin around with cross-eyes, fall down unconcious, and even occasionally managed to drive an opponent into the ground like a tent stake (see trailer below).

Bud Spencer's Wikipedia entry

Although he was most often paired with his clear-eyed cohort Terence Hill in spaghetti western comedies, his solo zany medieval action comedy "Soldier of Fortune" is a great romp in which many heads are conked. It sadly isn't currently available on DVD in the U.S., although I did find a region 2 British copy on if you've got a region-free DVD player.

Someone please step up and get around to releasing this absurd gem of a movie here!

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