Monday, January 28, 2008

Muppets, Inc. Commercials & Rarities

I recently had the pleasure of attending a presentation on Jim Henson's early work at The Cleveland Museum of Art, hosted by Miss Piggy's creator, Bonnie Erickson, and couldn't have been more mesmerized by the clips I saw. It struck me as if Jim Henson somehow branded a kind of universally understandable do-it-yourself creativity under the title MUPPETS, INC.

I've put together a list of links to the rare Henson commercials, presentations and short films that can be found on Youtube, and I highly recommend each and every one. The Wilkins Coffee ads in particular pack the maximum possible entertainment into eight seconds of airtime.

Corporate Presentations:
Wilsons Meats Meeting Film 1:
Wilsons Meats Meeting Film 2:

La Choy Presentation:


1st Muppet Toy Commercial:

Experimental Short Films:
Time Piece:


You can find out more about these early Muppet videos on the Muppet Wiki

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