Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eyes of the World Down Under

We're excited about the subject of our first SO FIVE MINUTES AGO blog, we couldn't pick a more suitable individual to capture the spirit and humor we're trying to put across.


For those who missed this amazing, confident young man when he made world news last week, he's a 16-year old from Melbourne, Australia who threw a party while his parents were out of town that drew about 500 guests and caused a riot. The local police are billing him $20,000 for damages to police cruisers and the use of a helicopter to control the rampaging partygoers.

The real story is the unrepentant, confident attitude this special young man displayed in the wake of this event. His stunning look, based around a sense of self that 16-year olds seldom seem to evidence, suggests that far too much of his day is spent looking at himself naked in the mirror.

Highlights include his ridiculous, comical sunglasses; feminine, out-of-season parka; and a distinct lack of clothing, particularly while jogging.

READ ABOUT COREY ... and watch the video

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