Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rejected James Bond Themes

After I recovered (almost) from hearing the new James Bond movie theme "song" for Quantum of Solace by Jack White and Alicia Keys, I decided to seek out Bond themes that have been rejected over the years and compile them here in the Shelf Life blog for convenient one-stop listening. I can see why most of these were rejected by the producers in favor of the themes they used, but in one or two cases, I'm not so sure. I'd love to hear what was rejected in favor of the Jack White / Alicia Keys "Another Way to Die Another Day" theme.

So, here are the rejected Bond themes (that I know of) that I found on youtube:

BLONDIE- For Your Eyes Only

ALICE COOPER - The Man with the Golden Gun

JOHNNY CASH - Thunderball

DIONNE WARWICK - Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (for Thunderball)


JULIE ROGERS - You Only Live Twice

ACE OF BASE - Goldeneye

PULP - Tomorrow Never Dies (Tomorrow Never Lies)

SWAN LEE - Tomorrow Never Dies

PET SHOP BOYS - The Living Daylights (This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave)

SAINT ETIENNE - Tomorrow Never Dies

DOT ALLISON - Tomorrow Never Dies (Tomorrow Never Comes)

K.D. LANG - Tomorrow Never Dies (Surrender); Although rejected as the theme song, this song actually appears over the end credits of the movie.

PHYLLIS HYMAN – Never Say Never Again

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