Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Found on the Internet: One Man's IMHO

Every once in a while I like to single out something someone took the time to write out and post on the Internet:

Posted by: billy bineson on April 2, 2008 at 04:30:52

ok ill admit i talked trash about this movie when it first was being talked about, and this does look a litte better, but i think its a little dum getting Robert Downey Junior to play Iron Man, because my best friend was just telling me how Robert Downey Junior is a alchoholics in real life, and that iron man in the movie is an alchoholic too. So its a little bit of a cop out for him to play him, its like having someone who really had gamma radiates to play the hulk (aka brian banner). But this movie will sail a lot of tickets anyway because of all the CGI, which i also think is a cop out, make the story about the character, not about fighting and flame throwers, and punching, and cars. But whatever, im not the director, and im probably will go see it anyway, but one of my best friends is a director, and i talked to him and he said he wouldnt have directed the movie, to mainstream for him. thats the type of person we need directing our comic book movies we loving so much, go indy, get back to the roots of it! but im just a geek who needed to vent.

UPDATE! Follow-up posting:

Posted by: billy bineson on April 2, 2008 at 04:38:10

oh i just watched the hulk traielr again, why in the heck is he not blowing everything up and throwing army tanks, and punching building, all hes doign is talking, and talking, and talking.. hulk needs to SMASH! oh and i just reed that the hulk is gonna be red from now on, so anyone think hes gonna turn red in the movie, that actually would be pretty SHIBBY, ok well hopefully these directers start listening to the fans, WE WANT HULK TO SMASH AND QUIT TALKING!

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